American Woodmark

Winchester, Virginia

American Woodmark Corporation (AWC) heralds from humble beginnings in 1951 and has continuously placed great value on the core strength of employees. Fostering thousands of dental cabinet manufacturing jobs for the surrounding area, AWC opened a new, 120,000-square-foot corporate headquarters.

MGMA led the design team for AWC's rural, sustainability-focused campus. The AWC headquarters features unobstructed perimeter views afforded by locating enclosed glazed offices at the core. Employees can relax and rejuvenate in the abundant amenity spaces, including a first-floor dining hall with outdoor access to garden and walking paths.

The building's tilt up concrete construction provides excellent insulation, reducing ongoing heating and cooling costs. A combination of exposed industrial and finished ceiling elements creates visual interest and helps mediate ambient noise. In addition, natural light emanates from a strategically positioned light, well-placed directly over the monumental three-story stair.

Reclaimed timber planks in the lobby represent the employee; the opposite wall's lacquer finish indicates that success is achieved through teamwork and collaboration. With a variety of office environments, from open workstations to fully-enclosed, the space permits optimal communication or privacy when required.

The campus' design aesthetic truly embodies AWC's ‘strength and unity’ ethos, with materials chosen to reflect the forward-thinking company slogan: ‘We’re Reducing Our Carbon Footprint One Cabinet at a Time'.

Interesting Fact

The rural business campus is situated on renovated fallow grassland and incorporates sustainable vegetation.

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