Heavy Fleet

Prince William County, Virginia

Uniquely, the owner of Heavy Fleet Products & Truck Service, Inc. envisioned a "South Beach" art deco office, parts, and service center. Turning those dreams into reality, MGMA master planned and designed their bold, new 20,059-square-foot corporate headquarters.

The design team strategically balanced the owner's vision with the surrounding Virginia industrial park, through simple yet intriguing elements. The one-story building’s exterior skin is constructed of coated tilt-up concrete and an internal structure of steel. Exterior treatments include Art-Deco massing and detail articulation with projected metal sunscreens, accent medallions, and deeply cut architectural reveals.

The facility is predominant white in color with light green accents and allows for serving of large vehicles. In addition, the site includes surface parking and large open areas to accommodate truck court movements.

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