1100 Vermont Avenue

Washington, DC

Built in 1964, 1100 Vermont Avenue was long overdue for renovation, compared to neighboring buildings in the heart of DC's business district. Nattak Investment LLC's valuable but underdeveloped asset lacked aesthetic appeal and underutilized the lot's square footage.

Stripping the eleven-story office building down to it's concrete frame, MGMA and the project team fully transformed the once dull structure, while keeping first floor retail proprietors open for business.

Intricately redesigned by Granzow Structural Engineers, the office building is now a sleek tower with full glass line wrapping L and Vermont Streets. To complement the transformed facade, the building was upgraded to a new state of the art chilled beam mechanical system designed by META Engineers. In addition, the new, two-story lobby, maximizes volume and provides a subtle transition from the angled Vermont Avenue to the city's orthogonal grid.

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