3160 Fairview Park Drive

Falls Church, Virginia

MGMA designed substantial upgrades for the interior and exterior spaces of 3160 Fairview Park.  The extension of the steel canopy connecting the main building to the garage now highlights the facade, accentuating the existing precast with Granite over the entrance. A new entry vestibule provides a portal to the renovated lobby, replete with new flooring, back-painted glass walls, and polished porcelain tile.

The existing conditions presented a lobby/vestibule area at competing axes. The new design utilizes large scale triangular floor tiles, transitioning the axes between vestibule/entry and the elevator lobby. The introduction of curved light fixtures avoid alliance in a specific direction.

Additional challenges came with the proposed amenity space positioned below grade.  The design and materials were selected to enlighten a windowless space. The use of clear glass allows light to flow from space to space and provides visual transparency, reducing the ‘depth’ of the space. Edge-lit clouds emphasize height and bring indirect brightness to the designated zones.  The Amenity Space, Fitness Area and Conference Rooms benefit from combined adjacency, which improves the performance of each space individually and collectively.

Interesting Fact

2/3 of the building was leased before construction was completed.

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