1310 North Courthouse Road

Arlington, Virginia

The design team performed an extensive renovation of 1310 North Courthouse Road in order to create a new two-story “town hall” amenity space and provision for 60,000 sf of spec suites within this existing 11-story, 380,000 square foot tower.

Externally, the building underwent a reskin of the façade on 8th and 9th floor levels to improve light transmission into the workspace and exploit sightlines through to amenity areas. The ‘Town Hall’ trademark is expressed on the exterior and creates a focal point on the façade, revealing the double space amenity space within.

The amenity design was influenced by the new full height glass windows with views of the park and plaza below. The design concept focused on bringing the ‘outside in’ and the theme is reflected in both materials and furnishings. Specialty “Cloud” light fixtures, from New Zealand artist, David Trubridge, hang in the 2-storyspace and were inspired by the clouds witnessed over small islands of the Pacific. Stepping stone’ pillows and ‘tree stump’ ottomans adorn the reclaimed wood risers.

The 3,532sf ground floor main lobby received a significant renovation and introduced a coffee retailer and distinctive seating areas and a Real-time ‘TransitScreen’ helps employees make informed decisions about their commute.

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