Gonzaga College High School

Washington D.C.

MGMA recently completed a 2-Phase renovation project for Gonzaga College High School as part of their Bicentennial Celebration. The design team was tasked to create a new sports training center for the campus that can be used by athletes, staff, and students alike. Phase 1 consisted of the sportsl ocker room relocation from the original Dooley Hall Gym. Previous used office space was converted to a new 3,700 square foot suite with team meeting areas, restroom and shower facilities, and a custom locker room that would rival many colleges. Phase 2 was the interior renovation of 100-year-old Dooley Hall Gymnasium. Both lower levels experienced extensive structural and MEP demolition, while maintaining existing building operations, to maximize the facilities square footage. The new state of the art weight room boasts customized Sorinex racking and equipment that offers multidimensional training for various types of sports conditioning. The former locker room was converted to a physical therapy and recovery area which now includes a trainer’s office, cold tubs and rehabilitation spaces that will greatly help all athletes. MGMA is thankful to the entire partnership for the opportunity to navigate such a complex project both on time and with a successful delivery. 



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