8455 Colesville Road

Silver Spring, Maryland

In close alliance with the owner, MGMA lead the design team in the creation of a “Town Hall” Amenity space on the 16th floor of 8455 Colesville Road, replete with spec suites, conference rooms, a shared lounge and open office. The comprehensive renovation entailed six key elements of the building including a redesign of the existing lobby, upgrading common corridors and elevator cabs, providing a building standard for typical restrooms, as well as cosmetic upgrades to the exterior façade and entrance. The design mission was to enhance the attractiveness of the building from a leasing perspective and maximize visibility from the street level, strategically energizing the entire ground level.

The shared lounge, with an expansive waterfall counter and bar seating, affords sweeping views over the surrounding area. Casual meeting hubs nestle within a punctured space, enjoying feature wall treatments detailed to mitigate noise transmission. Reclaimed wood, polished concrete, and marbled solid surfaces comprise just some of the palette of finishes for the renovation.

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