2000 Pennsylvania Avenue 4th & 5th Floor Amenity

Washington, D.C.

Bold graphics play a major role in the design of this double height Town Hall space for MRP Realty.  Playful images adorn not only the walls, but also the ceilings of the huddle space and the restrooms.

Touchdown booths in vivid colors offer visual interest and privacy with black trimmed bi-fold glass doors. The unique huddle structure takes center stage with its graphic ceiling and bespoke lighting.

The amenity lounge has a variety of seating opportunities including custom banquets and a casual nook adjacent to the huddle space. The café island features a palette upgrade with antiqued mirror hex tile backsplash, white oak tambour wood base, and a statement rope light fixture. Visitors will also find a cold brew tap and bean-to-cup coffee maker.

The pattern of the bronze wall graphic continues across the conference room glazing and provides contrast with the chevron wood flooring and custom railings.

A cozy meeting space nestles below the monumental stair. Recessed millwork and choice accessories yield a “resimmercial” flair”.  

Interesting Fact

The huddle feature is located on the building’s expansion joint and uses reveals to disguise the position of the joint.

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