Janet Lasher

Project Manager

Janet has returned to MGMA after leaving to move to Upstate New York.  She spent 8 years working on commercial interiors in corporate, healthcare, education and community market sectors in that region.  She excited to be back and working with the MGMA team to design on-trend and current commercial spaces.  Janet finds that her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology (SUNY Geneseo) is just as useful as her Master of Arts Interior Design degree (Marymount University) when working with clients to understand their goals, design style and priorities.  Creating beautiful spaces while creating meaningful connections with people are among the things that Janet loves most.

Interesting Fact

I am from a Pacific Island called Yap and I am halfYapese.  Yap is small and not well known but is special for having stonemoney and incredible scuba diving conditions.  I am the youngest of 5 kidsand have 3 children of my own with my high school sweetheart.  My favoritething to do with my free time is read.   

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