Cameron Roane

Project Manager

Starting Tae-Kwon-Do at the age of 4, Cameron’s early exposure to disciplined training and worldly cultures is apropos in setting the foundation not only for his open mindset and respect for different customs but also for who he is to become. Born and raised in the small prideful city of Durham, North Carolina, Cameron has always searched for ways to expand his knowledge and think outside the box. Strong passions for mathematics, science, and art forever fueled his appreciation of design in all realms. By amalgamating his passions with a strong athletics background, Cameron would have the opportunity to matriculate at Columbia University in the city of New York, receiving his Bachelors in Architecture in 2018 while competing in Division 1 athletics on the football team. It was here that he expanded on what design truly meant to him and his belief that architects are truly the ultimate designers.

Desiring to be a part of the urban scape while maintaining a similar pace to home, Cameron would move to the DMV area after his undergraduate studies. He has had experiences with commercial architecture and embassy compound design on the domestic and international levels. Eager to gain knowledge and expertise in construction and building processes, Cameron would join the MGMA team in 2022, supporting the industrial and commercial studios.

Interesting Fact

I received my black belt at the age of 7.

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